22 oct. 2014

"Magic Rooms", the origins

Magic rooms is my first series about the phenomena of culture consumption and how we look at art. The pictures are made in 2009 and 2010, but it was shown as a fine-art series in 2011. This work obtained the El Pati de la Llotja award and was invited to participate at the EMERGENT Photography and Visual Arts International Festival (Lleida, Spain, 2011). Magic Rooms has been exhibited France (REGARDS Rencontres de Photographie - Villenueve de la Rivière, 2012), Spain (Sala EnArt photo&co -Lleida, 2012, LOOP Fair -Barcelona, 2012) and nowadays one can enjoy it in Germany (Gat Point Charlie – Berlin, 2014).

                                                                                            The watcher (2009)

                                                                                     Emerging absence (2009)

This is the original text I wrote in 2011 to decribe the series:

It moves me to observe people looking at something or someone. Perhaps it is because I identify with the person that stops to contemplate that which has caught their attention. I find that the attitude of observing the unknown and following it with the gaze reveals individuals as they truly are, stripped of their emotional armour and identifying clothes. Magic Rooms is my first photographic incursion on this theme and a small ode to contemplation.

This series of photographs is situated in a singular context: a fair of video art exhibited in the rooms of a hotel (LOOP fair, Hotel Catalonia Ramblas, Barcelona, 2009 and 2010). A labyrinth of corridors and bedrooms submerged in the darkness required for displaying the work. An enclosed space whose only windows to the exterior are fictions of light and movement. And it is that veil that separates fiction and reality that fades until it disappears into the shadows that envelop everything. The privacy associated with the idea of a bedroom contrasts with the presence of a public that circulates freely into every corner of the hotel. The spaces are shared and the concept of intimacy is redefined. Ultimately, the visitors are strangers that find themselves in the same bed, sharing a sofa or hiding in the same bathroom. Everyone visible under the half light of the video projections. Everyone submerged in the contemplation of the works.

                                                                                  The Rite (2009)

                                                                                             The witness (2009)

                                                                                       Backward glance (2010)

                                                                                           Failed meeting (2010)

                                                                                                The dock (2010)

                                                                                            The threshold (2010)

                                                                                          The experiment (2010)

                                                                                          Out of nothing (2009)

Magic Rooms can be also seen in my webpage.

Here I let some articles related to this work that were published in different media.

 Sortir (num.133) Sumpplement of L'Independent (18-05-2012, Perpignan, France)

Review by Josep Miquel Garcia- Diari Segre 30-09-2012 (Lleida, Spain)

The Sunday supplement - Lectura Segre 756 (18-11-2012, Lleida, Spain)

Remote viewing - A Book by Loop and Arts Santa Monica (2009, Barcelona)

And some pictures of the exhibition during the festival REGARDS Rencontres de Photographie (Villenueve de la Rivière, France, 2012).




14 oct. 2014

Contemplatio – The photographs

Contemplatio is a project that turns around an idea: how we look and relate to museums. It focuses on visitors’ attitudes and behaviours upon viewing the objects of a collection. The moments of calm, intimacy and contemplation that occur in these spaces fascinates me. I have the impression that we forget our concerns and everyday fears when we put our attention and curiosity in anything that awakens our senses. My priority is the person who is facing the object of knowledge, whether it's a work of art, an archaeological relic, or a scientific phenomenon. In other words, their reactions at the time of the real and direct contact with the object.

                                                                    The stranger

                                                                               Matter and Soul

                                                                                  Innocent walk

                                                                                            Way out

                                                                                        Face to face


                                                                                  Young hierarchy

This photo series is portraying the visitors of the Museu of Ceràmica de Barcelona, and it is the last visual record of the collection in the Palace of Pedralbes. A selection of 42 pictures conformed a photographic installation in the rooms of the Museum of Ceramics in 2013. Each picture was located where it was token and this played a game of presences and absences with the views of the room. The visitor, looking at the “other” visitor of the photography, could feel as reflected in a mirror (see this previous post).

You can see some more picture in my website.

And also you can read about the creative experience in the museum of ceramics (although it's written in Catalan).

                            TERRART Revista de Ceramica Contemporania nº 42 - (2013)

A catalog was made for the photo installation in the Museu de Ceràmica de Barcelona. There are in total 61 pictures.

10 oct. 2014

Media coverage of Contemplatio

The project Contemplatio was exhibited in the form of a photographic installation in the Museu de Ceràmica de Barcelona from 15-11-2012 until 03-03-2013. These are some of the notices and reviews that appeared in the media. I am very glad of the echo on and off line!


                   CULTURA/S 553 - Sección Documental - La Vanguardia (23-01-2013)

             QuèFem! -La Vanguardia- Contemplatio - Els observadors observats (23-11-2012)

                                                   CASA VIVA nº 189_ Una mirada fotográfica  (30-01-2013)

                                                 TERRART Revista de Ceramica Contemporania nº 42 - (2013)

                                                       DT Magazine_ Pillados in fraganti (05-12-2012)



 No t'ho perdis (capítol 55)_ Canal 33, TV3

7 oct. 2014

"Contemplatio" in Barcelona – A photographic Installation

The project Contemplatio cristal·lizes in the Museu de Ceràmica de Barcelona, and it is the last visual record of the collection and its visitors at the Palau de Pedralbes. The photographic exhibition took place from 15-11-2012 until 03-03-2013. It was composed of 42 images that were displayed as an installation through all the rooms of the museum. Each picture was located where it was taken and this played a game of presences and absences with the views of the room. The visitor, looking at the “other” visitor of the photography, could feel as reflected in a mirror. 

The photographs were mounted in 21 double-structures showing the two sides of the same room (with the collaboration of Las Eternas, Produccions efímeres). Each image was explaining different stories about the attitudes and behaviors of visitors in front of the ceramics collection.

                                                                                          photo by Carlos Collado

                                                                                         photo by Amilcar Vargas

                                                                                          photo by Carlos Collado

                                                                           photo by Juan S. Rodríguez Morata

El proyecto Contemplatio cristalizó en el Museo de Cerámica de Barcelona, y es el último registro visual de la colección y sus visitantes en el Palacio de Pedralbes. La exposición fotográfica tuvo lugar del 15-11-2012 al 03-03-2013 en el mismo museo. La muestra constó de 42 imágenes y tomó la forma de instalación a lo largo de todas las salas del museo. Cada imagen estaba ubicada en el lugar donde se había tomado la fotografía, invitando al espectador a un juego de ausencias y presencias entre el espacio físico y la copia. Asimismo, el espectador, al contemplar al visitante de la fotografía, podía verse reflejado como en un espejo.

Las imágenes se montaron en 21 estructuras a doble cara que mostraban los dos lados de un mismo espacio (con la colaboración de of Las Eternas, Produccions efímeres). La fotografía de cada lado explicaba diferentes historias sobre las actitudes y los comportamientos de los visitantes delante de las cerámicas de la colección.

                                                                                          photo by Carlos Collado

                                                                             photo by Carlos Collado

 And some more images I did of the photo installation in the museum...
 Y algunas fotos más que hice de la instalación fotográfica en el museo...